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In-Person & Virtual Events That Increase Employee Experience, Engagement and Retention

Company Wide Offsites
We create immersive, goal-oriented experiences designed to foster innovation, strengthen team dynamics, and drive strategic growth. Transform your team's collaboration and productivity in an inspiring setting.
Team Based Offsites
Elevate your team's synergy and performance with our custom team-based offsites. We design dynamic experiences that foster collaboration, creativity, and trust, ensuring your team returns more aligned and motivated.
Leadership Team Meetings
Optimize your leadership team meetings with our expert planning services. We create focused, productive environments that drive strategic decision-making, alignment, and impactful outcomes for your startup.
Annual Strategic Planning
Chart a clear path forward with our comprehensive annual strategic planning services. We offer expert facilitators to guide your team through goal setting, prioritization, and execution strategies.
Company Conference
Make your conference a standout success as we handle every detail, from logistics to content curation, ensuring a seamless and impactful event that leaves customers and prospects wanting more.
Anything You Can Dream...
...we can make happen! Whether it's a Customer Advisory Board meeting, a funding milestone, or anything in between, our expert team delivers exceptional experiences that are sure to impress.
what we do

We Bring Your Startup Culture To Life Through Events

We plan and execute every aspect of in-person and virtual events for startups. As former startup operators, we know what it takes to build team culture, boost employee engagement and increase employee retention.

Culture Champion

noun. someone who believes in, helps develop, and cultivates excitement in a workplace culture. They champion the cause of the organization, and are at the forefront of how that culture emerges across it.

Offsites for Startups by Startup Operators

Fully Customized Planning
We customize every aspect of the pre-event planning and on-site coordination – team building, swag, after parties, transportation, and anything else you can think of. You won’t find templated events here.
We Know Startups
Culture Champions was founded by a startup VP of Operations with a background in employee engagement. We don’t just plan offsites – we build company culture, reinforce company values and increase team morale.
Truly Unique Experiences
This isn't another virtual escape room. We craft experiences that your team will remember for a lifetime, and increase camaraderie and engagement along the way.

Offsites for Startups by Startup Operators

Information Gathering
We meet and get to know each other’s teams as we gather critical information about the event.
Quote & Contract
We provide you with a custom quote based on only the services you need, and get a contract your way.
The fun begins! We create an event planning timeline and a budget, and start planning an epic offsite!
This is where all the hard work comes together. We assemble the right team to be on-site for registration, coordination, troubleshooting and to ensure everything is executed smoothly.
Post-Event Analysis
After the event is over, we debrief with you to learn about what went well and what could have been improved. We also send out a survey to the whole team to gather in-depth feedback.

Culture Champions  are experts at building a badass offsite — from venue selection to programming to team building to swag, and everything in between, they nailed every aspect.

Casey Woo
Founders of Operators Guild
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